A Brief Discourse on the History of Wallets and Its Existence

A Brief Discourse on the History of Wallets and Its Existence

Wallets and purses have been integral parts of human existence since time immemorial, perhaps right from the first time that the modern human being evolved and developed a sense of property and ownership per se. People have always felt the need to carry around their stuff especially ones they have needed on a regular basis. For hundreds of years such needs had been satiated by the coin purses. Coin purses could jolly well be called the earliest form of wallets as such. They were basically pouches that people used in order to carry around their lunch, and other valuables apart from coins as the name would obviously indicate.

They were made of leather and other kinds of fabric, and featured drawstring closures. People were able to easily tie the pouches to their belts.
The Entry of Paper Money
The introduction of paper money changed a lot of things. It was at Massachusetts that paper money was invented in 1690. This was also the time that the coin purse changed its appearance from the fanny pack look of yore. This was also the time that the wallet came into being. At first, wallets were made from raw materials such as horse or cow skin. They also contained small pouches where people would put in their identification (ID) cards. Now, technology has evolved to such an extent that it is possible to buy leather wallets online.
The design also changed significantly at this time because the wallets were being made in such a way that they could make space for the bills.
Trends in Carrying Wallets
As ironic as it may sound, for a few centuries after the invention of wallets it was thought to be uncivilized to carry them in your pockets. People normally attached them to their belts and this meant that there was an element of outward show to the whole affair. The saying was “the bigger the wallet, the bigger the man”. Funnily though, it was basically the middle class who brandished their wallets and not their richer brethren.
Growing Importance since Renaissance
If you have watched a fair bit of educational television, you must have noticed that how from Renaissance onwards wallets became an important marker for one’s class and status. They were major determinants in that sense. In any case, commoners stopped using the coin purses simply because they did not have enough coins to justify their continued usage. At this stage the wallets were mainly small in size.
The Modern Wallets
Nowadays the wallets have changed a lot for the simple reason because there are more things that need to be accommodated. The wallet makers are creating space in order for the owners to put their cards – credit, debit, and otherwise – in them. As far as wallets are concerned, leather was always the predominant style. They exhibited panache, a high status, and plenty of wealth to go with it. It was during the early 50s that the first credit cards were introduced and this had quite a lot to do with the changing shape of the wallets as well.

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