A Guide for Men to Style Leather Brogue Shoes

A Guide for Men to Style Leather Brogue Shoes
Leather shoes are something that no people can despair. Be it the appearance, elegance or quality; leather shoes will always secure the first place of any man's preference as he searches for the best option for formal styling. Among the various style options available in the range of leather shoes, brogues surely need a special mention. The pair looks unique in its way, complementing the attire perfectly.
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Brogues will only appear to be the perfect choice for men if they tend to complement it with right attires. Moreover, one needs to buy brogue shoes online to make sure you can check the overall collection before picking the most suitable pair. Check out the following to get a brief detail of brogue shoes along with some styling tips.
What are Brogues Shoes?
Popular in the United Kingdom, the name of these specific shoes is originated from a particular Irish accent. In Irish region, the meaning of the word brogues is ‘a rough boot'. The proper significance of the word suggests some perforations on the sides of the pair. Therefore, it can be concluded that if a pair of shoes consists of pinking in it, it will be categorised a pair of brogues.
Guide to Wear Brogue

  • While donning a pair of brogues that very first thing you need to consider your purpose. If you want it to be complemented with strictly formal attire, you need to get one with fewer perforations in it.
  • Make sure you do not try to combine it with something extremely casual like track pants. In the case you want your shoes to look a bit less formal and more on the casual side, you may style it with a pair of denim and chinos. However, make sure the pair you are choosing consist of some added holes in it that is known to be full brogue.
  • Many designers may suggest matching the brogues with strict formal attire where you have no choice other than wearing a solid coloured tie. However, in reality, you are required to discard such styling is because of the traditional patterns all over it, brogues can only look nice when you club it with a semi-formal or casual attire.
  • Always combine these particular shoes with a short pair of socks no matter half, quarter or a pair of a full brogue. However, the colour and prints on the socks can be changed as per the type of attire you choose to wear.
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Choosing the Colour Option
You will easily find a wide variety of colours in brogues by searching the dedicated websites that supply nothing but genuine leather products. You may also find fabulous accessories such as leather card holder along with belts to make sure you can go out in your best attire. The choice of colour surely depends on your personal preference. Besides standard colours like black or the shades of brown, the shoes will look amazing when found in unique colours like olive and tan.

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