How to take care of your leather products !!

How to take care of your leather products !!

My friends often bombard with queries at every gathering I go to. The gist being "Hey! How do I care for my leather Bag?", or jacket or shoe. Contrary to popular perception, owning a leather product is not really troublesome if you adhere to the basics. I have tried to jot down below a quick guide to taking care of your leather bags and accessories. Have a read and as Yoda would say "Always pass on what you have learned".

1. Store it in a dark and dry place - Leather is a natural product, which is sensitive to the effects of light and water. To keep your leather product in perfect condition, it should be protected from prolonged exposure to strong light or rain. If it gets wet, please dry with a dry soft cloth. Bright and light colours are particularly sensitive to light due to pigments used. Not only will sunlight fade its colour but also dry up its natural oil content making it brittle and cracked.

2. Keeping it shining - To maintain its natural feel, it is recommended that you polish and wipe your leather product with a neutral leather-care product, using a soft cloth.

3. Never rub it in - Keep any strap or other abrasive objects away from your leather bag as it will lead to scratching of your bag surface

4. Let it breathe - Always store your leather product inside a breathable cloth or muslin bag where it can breathe properly. Keeping it inside a plastic bag is strict no as the trapped humidity will damage your expensive product.

5. Don't let it hang - Avoid hanging your leather bag by its strap. This puts pressure on the strap connectors and wears out its seams rather prematurely. When you are not using the bag, just let it rest on a shelf. Please take care not to rest anything on top of the bag as it will inhibit its ability to breathe and lead to fungal growth.

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