Mirror Mirror on the wall, Is my bag leather at all?

With all the talk of "Faux leather", "Vegan leather", "Leatherette" and so on, its a tough being a leather connoisseur these days. With companies and retailers taking consumers for a ride with fancy sounding leather names (all of the afore mentioned are NOT genuine leather), how do you esnure that you are getting what you pay for? To start with, anything and everything which proclaims itself to be anything but "Genuine Leather" is not genuine leather. Faux leather, vegan leather, pu leather, leatherette, man made leather, synthetic leather are all made of plastic or its derivatives and are not genuine leather.

        We can also do some on spot checks to understand if that lovely looking bag or shoe we are buying is infact made of genuine leather.

        We have listed 5 spot tests below to help you recognise fakes when you see one.

1. Genuine Leather is not perfect
Leather is made from animal skin (calf, goat, sheep, etc.). Therefore it will have all the imperfections that you see on an animal's skin - cut marks, bite marks, insect bite marks, scratch marks and so on. The grain or pores (the top layer of the leather) will not be uniform or symmetric. In case of synthetic materials like faux leather or vegan leather, the top surface will be be free of marks and any grain will be symmetric and uniformly spaced out. So if your bag's surface looks imperfect it is in all probability genuine leather.

2. Genuine leather drinks water

Pour a drop of water on the leather surface. Genuine leather will slowly absorb the water as it is porous. Synthetic or artificial leather will not do so.

3. The thread of the leather story
Inspect the edges and sides of the leather product. Genuine leather is made of many strands and will have fraying around the edges. If you turn the dges you can see the reverse part of the leather i.e. suede. In artificial or faux leather, the egdes are uniform as if cut by machine. Artificial leather will also have threads or plastic on the reverse surface.

4. Trial by fire

Genuine leather is resistant to fire and will not catch fire easily. It will not shrink or melt when it burns and will NOT burn with a flame. When burned genuine leather will give off a pungent smell like burning hair. Artificial leather will burn with a flame, shrink and melt as it burns. Artificial leather will give off a nauseating plastic like smell when burned.

5. Smells like one

Genuine leather will smell like one.its made of natural animal skin and has a unique smell. Artificial leather will have a smell of plastic. Acquaint yourself with the smell of leather by visiting reknowned leather stores.
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Very good info provided on How to identify Real leather

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