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Tangled !


Managing your cables, wires and earphones
Technology is ubiquitous in our lives today. With it has come a proliferation of gadgets in our lives too.  Although we all love our gadgets, what makes our lives miserable are various wires and add-ons that come with it. Wires love to get entangled. No matter how much effort you take to keep them organized and clean, eventually they get tangled and messed up.
If you have been struggling with managing your wires and earphones then we bring to you some simple yet brilliant solutions.    Browse below and you are sure to pick up some interesting stuff to ease out you wire management issues.
  1. The quintessential earphone holder
Simple, light and elegant these earphone cases keep your earphone wire from getting tangled and keep your ear-pods safe when not in use. It doesn’t hurt that this one is a looker.

img 1.jpg img2.jpgimg3.jpg
  1. USB strap
Minimalistic and effective, this tiny USB strap is good at what it does. Equally helpful when traveling or at home, keep your charger wires tangle and damage free with them.

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  1. The earphone holder for the really long wired ones
This barrel shaped earphone Holder will manage earphone cables and also protect the in-ear buds and plug. Everything is held snug so there are no parts left dangling and vulnerable. Just a few quick winds around and finally close it with a snap. Tidy, safe and fast to unwrap, with no twists and coils, it is flexible, lightweight and soft for your pocket, desk, purse or gym bag.
img 1.jpgimg 2.jpgimg 2.jpg
  1. The versatile ones
Cleverly designed to be multipurpose, these handmade genuine leather earphone /wire holders is a suitable tool to manage your cables, wires or earphones. Easy to carry, use them to make your wires, cable and earphones tangle free and long lasting.
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Grab one for yourself or gift one to that close one who needs them. You can check them put at

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