What Are The Significant Features Of Any Belt?

Men’s Belt Basics: Belt Buckles

The bigger the belt buckle the lesser formal it is. Dress belts are believed to have very small, flat belt buckles and they also have to be narrower belts themselves. Larger buckles with the rounded shapes are common on more casual styles. Almost all the dress belts will have either a gold-colored or a silver-colored finish.

Your casual belts can actually have almost any kind of buckle you like. Consistency of the theme is actually more important than the shape or the size in casual settings. If you like large metal buckles with the Western motifs, you can wear them with a Western-styled outfit rather than the conventional tight urban look. There’s only so much mixing and matching that you can actually get away with.

Men’s Belt Basics: Belt Colors

When you are choosing a leather belt, it should match your dress. Brown leather shoes can go with a brown leather belt, and the black one with the black. Glossy belts should actually be paired with highly-polished shoes; matte shoes can go with matte belts. If you are wearing casual shoes that aren’t really made of leather, you might have more freedom to work with.

Men’s Belt Basics: Styles of Buckle

There are these few common ways of approaching the basic task of holding your pants up. Most of the belts fall into one of these styles:

Buckles with one tongue: This belt slides through a loop of metal, and a metal tongue is actually slipped through a hole in the belt to pin it down.

Buckles with a hook: In this belt a flat metal or simply a plastic plate is attached by slipping a simple hook on the back of the buckle through the front section of the belt.

Buckles with a sliding latch: This belt actually slides through a metal latch inside which a vertical peg actually presses the belt into place.

Braided belts: You can use a basic tongue buckle, but the belt is actually made of a woven leather braid rather than a flat piece of leather with the punched holes. The tongue can choose to slip between any two strands.

Whenever you are looking forleather belt online shopping in India, make sure that you choose a reputable company to buy them not only that, but you also need to keep your dress in mind when you are asked to choose a belt for your occasion.

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